Published September 22, 2012 by sunkissedreformer

It’s that first kiss

That first moment of bliss

Where now seems like forever

Until the now stops at never

Where promise starts at inspiration

Until it dies during perspiration

When you give your word

And it strikes a chord

That feeling of accomplishment

That feeling of making someone proud

Initially you take that step

And the promise is still there except

You put it off

When you think life is forever

And that your promise will hold forever

When you see them and think they’ll be here forever

To see that day that you carry through

That moment when they get what you promise

But nothing hits you as hard

Than the moment when they depart

And you realize they’re dead



And they’re never coming back

It’s at that moment

When you realize that you should have kept your word

Before they died and it severely cut that chord.


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