One Day Stand

Published June 25, 2012 by sunkissedreformer

You walk into a coffee/tea shop and you stand there astounded by the amount of laughter and joy that seeps through every corner. You smile to yourself and say “Yah, I can do this.” Goal: Unidentified-you’re simply there to see where it takes you. You settle down on a nicely braided and comfy chair waiting for your sweet fruity and tangy tea, when this friendly looking person comes and sits next to you. They ask a question-something to the effect of “Is anyone sitting here” and you make a funny remark-which leads to a comeback then the domino theory goes into effect. Before you know it you and this person exchanged hours of hilarious conversation even dating back to the stone ages when you spoke of your childhood. You’re thinking “Man, this is great. I can finally add a new amazing friend to my Facebook list. I feel so on top of the world that I just might try joining the Olympics.” It’s that feeling you get after watching an amazing movie like the Avengers and you kick open the doors afterwards with this urge to punch everyone in the head for no reason and then hold your hand to an electronic fly swatter like Thor hoping to defy gravity just this once (true story). You feel sexy. Unfortunately reality kicks in and they eventually have to close down the place. You depart with contact information ranging from phone number to their entire daily schedule. You walk out those doors and you feel like a new woman or man…or both if that’s how you roll. Anyway, back to the point. You feel indestructible. Forget the fact that your zipper is down or that one of your legs has an unshaved area. You got this. The next morning you wait for their text. You get one and if you’re lucky maybe two. Then everything just stops altogether. No calls no texts. Everything-your entire life you shared with this amazing person. Then BAM….your memories flushed down the drain with the potential acquataince with someone new. You feel so…so….unwanted. Then you start asking where you went wrong..maybe I laughed too loud or maybe I drank too much tea. Nothing makes sense anymore. You rip your clothes and give a deep throated animal like growl. The next month or two you wear a potato sack and put ashes on your head. Maybe this might be extreme..but you get my point. You never look at people the same way after that horrific event. I’ve experienced a few of these situations and I’m assuming it’s just as bad as a one night stand. If you get anything out of this blog just remember this: Be careful out there. Don’t think “Well, dog my cats this person is beyond belief the best friendship material I’ve come across to.” Keep your distance…and in the end you might break the mystery of finding the perfect friend. Be patient and thorough and you just might find out that Rosebud was Kane’s sleigh.Image


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