Highschool Experiment

Published June 21, 2012 by sunkissedreformer

You can do it!!-not.

It’s a hard life. Especially in highschool. Now I’m not talking about the cliched cliques or the awfully pointless assignments. I’m talking about the comparison of students, such as myself, to lab rats. I try hard not to view school in this manner, but at times I’m left with no choice. Imagine yourself in my shoes: The shrill of the bell rings in everyone’s ears, you’re walking briskly to class trying to avoid everyone like a plague when all of a sudden you view this massive herd of hormonal teenagers infesting every corner- some dry humping and others aimlessly wandering trying to find their place in this pyramid of traditional hierarchies. My mind goes on cruise control and eventually I’m in this haze imagining these kids as mice or bovine being herded into their cages. Just like a security guarded prison, highschool compacts thousands of bodies into a small space, regulating where we go, when we go, and in most cases when we can experience the relief of a bowel movement. Now tell me if I’m wrong, but a majority of the population likes the convenience of attending a restroom at their own expense and without the permission of someone in a somewhat greater position. It is udderly 😉 a science experiment. We’re the mice running in wheels going absolutely nowhere thinking that if we run long enough we can reach the outside of the glass case and scurrying through transparent pipes, believing that what we do makes a difference, when all along there are these giants standing there and stabbing us with needles, trying to figure out the best way to keep us loyal and conformed even if a few mice die along the way. Did I forget to mention the enclosed fences that might as well be electrocuted? Or the fact that we’re branded with ID numbers? We’re the poster kids for the newest victimized edition of Nazi “educational reformers.” The system is so horribly skewed that I got a letter threatening to throw me in juvenile detention due to a few absences not being excused. Now mind you, I have amazing grades, advanced college placement classes, participate in sports, clubs, and I also take actual college courses outside of high school. I read an article that this young high school girl was thrown in prison for the same reason despite the fact that she was an honor and an A student and that she had to work to support her family. This really got me heated. There are hundreds of rapists and murderers roaming every dark corner and a young intelligent girl gets locked up? And for what-unexcused absences? There was this guy some decade ago that was locked up for 25 years for -wait for it- stealing pizza. Our future leaders, folks. This is the epitome of authoritative ignorance, and this is just the beginning. Now that I got that off my chest, I hope I’ve enlightened some minds and shed some light on these sugar-coated issues that are disguised as opportunities.


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